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Brewster doula Testimonials


Most referrals come by word of mouth and testimonials/reviews. If you were pleased with my services, I would very much appreciate you telling others. The links below are to my Doula Match profile as well as to my business page on Google and Facebook. Thanks for your support!

Doula Match: 



"Brewster Doula was my post-partum doula, and I couldn't have asked for better support with my new baby. Not only was she there for me, but she took the time to ask after my husband's post-partum needs as well.

I highly recommend her services to anyone searching for a the support of a doula. She is exceptionally kind, careful to listen to what mom needs, and willing to give 110% to make sure that you have a beautiful post-partum recovery."

S.M., Putnam County, NY

 "I had the pleasure of having Janet (Brewster Doula) as my first doula for my first natural birth experience. Although it was my 4th birth, I had never birthed without medication and outside of a hospital. I knew I would require some support and encouragement. Janet truly was a godsend and I felt a connection with her immediately. She was very resourceful and knowledgeable, providing me with information to better prepare me for birth and breastfeeding and general decision making. She was genuinely caring, encouraging and very attentive. Her presence alone calmed me  and she was very supportive not only of myself, but of my husband, empowering him to be a useful birth partner. She always communicated with me to be sure what she was doing was helpful to me. When we got pregnant again Janet was one of the first people to know - we knew we wanted her to be by our side for this birth also. My family has received so much love and support during and after our pregnancies/births from her and we know she would provide that same attention, love, care and knowledge to anyone who invites her to come alongside them during such a special season of life. We truly treasure her and you will too! "

D.K., Waterbury, CT

"Janet came recommended by my OBGYN and my husband and I couldn't have been more pleased with our experience working with Janet. She immediately put us at ease in that she was honestly interested in knowing what we wanted our birth experience to be and aimed to help facilitate our wishes, while simultaneously providing us with tons of useful information and suggestions. During the birth, Janet was extremely attentive and helped me stay focused and work through the contractions. At times, when I was feeling overwhelmed, she was able to be a calming presence and to help remind me of some of the things that were on my birth plan, which was fantastic. Our postpartum visit was perfectly timed -- it was enough time for us to get settled with our new baby so that by the time we met she was able to answer many of our questions. Janet was able to help me with my feelings of anxiety about all of the changes and made me feel even more supported with her resources and professional connections. I really believe she made labor an experience I can look back on favorably and I would highly recommend her."

M.B., Westchester County, NY

"We loved working with Janet. She was wonderful. Very helpful, attentive and knowledgeable. A real pro! Once my contractions started, Janet was with us from the very beginning and coached me every step of the way - met us at our apartment, traveled to the hospital with us and spent 36 hours with us in the hospital throughout the labor. She was a calming / soothing force that really helped me get to the finish line! She guided me with good breathing techniques, had different tools she used to help calm me / keep me focused and was just by my side the entire time, doing everything she could to help me successfully manage.

I cannot say enough how grateful we are to Janet. Highly recommend her!"

S.H., New York, NY

"Let me first just say I could not have given birth without my doula, Janet! She kept me (and my husband) calm during my 24 hour labor. She was there all day and night by my side helping with pain managment, and overall encouragement, calming and helpful during the delivery of my baby. She was there during all my contractions, both pre and post epidural, trying different positions, walking with me, massage, getting me (and feeding me) ice chips, and ice packs when i had a fever, etc. She went above and beyond for me and my family during my labor and delivery. She also met with me and my husband prior to birth to go over birth plan and help me go over all my options in preparation for that day. Additionally she came over post-partum to go over how everything went and to see how I was doing. Labor/delivery was tough, but Janet really got me and my husband through it. I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend using her, she's the best!"

E.S., Westchester County, NY

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! Janet is one of the most caring and thoughtful people I have ever met. During my pregnancy she went above and beyond to make my husband and I comfortable and confident that everything would be ok, even though we were both nervous and a little anxious. Janet is very knowledgeable and provided us with all the information we needed. Janet met with us several times before the delivery, she came to our home, and the day of the delivery she was there to support us even before I was admitted for labor. Thanks to Janet I had the delivery I had wished for. Janet was at my side the entire time I was in labor and even stayed after the baby was born. I would definitely recommend Janet as a doula. My husband and I are eternally grateful to you."

A.N.L., Westchester County, NY

"Working with Janet was indeed a joy and a blessing. She was both my birth and postpartum doula. Janet was so warm, caring,  and intuitive. She truly was concerned about me, not just as her client, but as a whole person. I gave birth in the middle of a major snow storm. Our birth plan took on a life of its own, as the roads were closed and we could not travel or reach my midwife on the phone. Janet trudged through the snow, rode with me in the ambulance and made sure the doctors and nurses were aware of wishes, making my delivery as comfortable as possible. She had my bag, my medical records and snacks already prepared. It was a fast birth, about 2 hours, but I would not have been able to cope with such sudden and drastic changes had Janet not been there as a support and voice for my son and I. As a postpartum doula, Janet was amazing! Having a newborn with toddlers was no small feat! Janet was there for me, helping me rest so I can heal. Whatever I needed, there was never a question of whether it would be done. She offered suggestions about adjusting to this new life, many times just jumping in and doing what she saw was necessary to help our days go smoother during those delicate first few weeks. Her check ins, phone calls and texts let me know that she genuinely cared. Janet truly embodies the definition of a doula with her support, assistance, gentle guidance and listening ear. I will forever be grateful for having Janet as a part of my birth experience."

C.G., North Salem, NY

"Janet is a wonderful doula! She's responsive, knowledgeable, and most importantly she makes you feel as comfortable as you need to feel during the process. She's a wealth of information, but she doesn't burden with extra clutter unless it's useful.

She was an invaluable support for both me and my husband.I would highly recommend her to anyone."

L.M., Jersey City, NJ

"I wanted to have a vbac- vaginal birth after c-section but didn't know if I could. There was no way I could've done it without Janet and her amazing services. As my "baby" is turning 4 years old in a few weeks I still marvel on the skills and love that Janet showed before, during and after my sons birth. She is truly a blessing!"

J.Y., Rye Brook, NY

"Janet was incredible. I had a very hard labor (38 hours!) and she was actually the supporting doula for our original doula who had a family emergency a day before I went into labor. She was extremely flexible and available for us. She was able to guide and help me through the beginning stages and came with us to the hospital. She had a calming and supportive presence, which for new parents, was crucial to our experience. She stayed with us the entire time! We are so thankful that she was there for us and could not have done it without her. Would recommend her 100%!"

J.Y., Westchester County, NY

"We are so lucky to have found Janet to help our new family! Janet has been an excellent postpartum support for us. She has cooked, cleaned, and even walked our dog. She provided a warm caring ear when I needed it, and sweetly taught me how to bathe my baby and helped with breastfeeding."

A.G., Darien, CT

"If you're thinking about getting a doula, ask yourself, how important is the birth of your baby to you? To me, it was incredibly important. And I knew I wanted to be informed and have the best birth and start to my first childs life I possibly could. 

Janet was a miracle. If Janet wasn’t my doula I would have had a unnecessary c-section. Once Janet was hired, I knew I was in the right hands! I was determined to have a natural, unmedicated birth. Things changed quickly when I went past my due date and my OB was pressuring induction early on. Janet taught me how to be informed, what to ask and how to ask it. I am a pretty assertive person but believe me, you need someone to help you advocate in a time like this! She stood by my side every step of the way. It was not easy feeling the pressure of being induced and I pushed back until I was ready to be induced! As I said, my birth plan changed but I was still able to have the most natural, vaginal birth as I could with being induced! She was right by my side with every move in the hospital and I turned to her for guidance the entire way. I will always be thankful and know that she was worth every penny because I know that if it wasn’t for her I would have had a different outcome. I am over the moon with my birth experience, it was amazing and I am 1 week postpartum and feel awesome! 

Thank you Janet, I am forever grateful!"

H.R., Putnam County, NY

 "Janet has been an asset to our family since the birth of our third son. She has been nothing but supportive of both my needs postpartum, as well as the needs of our new baby and of our family as a whole. Janet is such a warm, caring person and makes us feel so at ease, that it feels like she’s another member of our family. When she comes over she gets right to work and helps us prioritize our needs. Within hours, our laundry is done, dishes cleaned, house tidied, and dinner is on the table before she leaves for the evening. In addition, she’s been incredibly supportive helping me with nursing issues, quieting a colicky baby, and entertaining my other two children while I rest. She’s even made grocery trips for us! We are so grateful for her service; we could not have gotten through this hectic time without her!"

J.M., Westchester County, NY

"Janet was absolutely terrific from our first meeting through delivery and beyond! She is extremely passionate about being a doula and facilitating the best possible birthing experience for her clients. She was very knowledgeable about our chosen birthing style (Hypnobirthing) and was great at coaching us through the various techniques we learned in our Hypnobirthing class. She also provided us with additional techniques that we had not learned, which we found to be very helpful. Janet has a calming presence which was very comforting and reduced our stress levels throughout labor and birth. At times, I became overwhelmed and lost focus on the birthing methods we wanted to use and she helped remind me of my goals and assisted me to regain my focus. My husband wanted to be as involved as possible. Janet was great at coaching him and making suggestions to ensure he had the tools he needed to help me through this process. Our postpartum visit was great and it was very beneficial to review everything we experienced and get some additional advice from her as new parents. We couldn’t be happier with our experience with Janet and would recommend her to anyone!"

E.P. and A.P., New York, NY