Responsive and compassionate doula support for the childbearing year

Hypnobirthing Support

I’m pleased to announce that I have received my certification from Hypnobirthing International to support families who have taken the Hypnobirthing course from a trainer and will be using the unique language, affirmations, breathing, and visualizations of this approach. I have seen firsthand how effective the techniques learned in this approach can be while attending a number of births for couples who have learned them. . I look forward to coming alongside families who have chosen this option for birthing their baby. 

New Service!

I am pleased and proud to have recently obtained certification as a Lamaze Childbirth Educator. Lamaze has been known since 1960 as an organization that promotes healthy pregnancy and birth through evidence based information that supports decision-making and self-advocacy. Often characterized as a "breathing method", Lamaze is so much more. Through discussion and activities related to the "6 Healthy Birth Practices", parents-to-be can approach pregnancy, birth, and early parenting with confidence and the knowledge to partner effectively with their care provider, make informed choices, and have the healthiest, safest possible birth. I am offering private and small group classes (maximum 4-5 pregnant women). Interested in what Lamaze can teach you? Contact me today! 

"What's A Shower??"

Were you accustomed to getting up in the morning, putting your coffee on, taking a long, leisurely shower, and efficiently tackling your to-do list?

And then there was a newborn.....

By the time 4:00 rolls around, you may not even know where your to-do list IS!

Enter your postpartum doula!

A late afternoon/early evening shift can be extremely helpful. When your doula arrives, you can actually get that shower that you've been needing all day. That shower can be followed by a quick nap if that hasn't been able to happen during the earlier hours. That pile of laundry from early  morning? Gone, while your doula is watching the newborn. By the time you've had a chance to be physically and mentally refreshed, dinner is being started. The doula can leave you and your spouse/partner with clean clothes, a delicious meal, and a tidy kitchen so that you can spend the evening relaxing and enjoying your baby.

Also, remember that breastfeeding support and teaching of newborn care can happen at any  time of the day.

Those last few hours before your spouse/partner comes home can often be challenging. Late-day doula support can change that.

Now where WAS that to-do list....?